Institut für Informationsanarchistik
Some personal information:
You might find it interesting or not.

Professions and interests:
Playing drums with Beelzebub Airlines and other bands.
Playing any kind of instrument, whether being able to do that or not.
Networking/TCP-IP/Linux and other unixoid operatingsystems.
Social, ecological and political activities.
Yes, I am an ecologist, and yes, I don't like our current global economic structure.
Photografism. Some kind of art or how ever you name it. There must be a link in the "links"-clicko above.
Traveling and moving by bicycle. Cars are outdated technologie, please stop that nonsense as soon as possible.
Some sports, not tooo much.
Drinking and drugs: Usually not, I prefer a clean mind but don't take me apart from my coffee!
Size, weight, sexuality and haircolor:
Most important book:
The Tibetan Book of Death
Most important piece of music:
Room full of mirrors - Jimi Hendrix
Most important picture seen:
Tryptichon - Patrick Woodroffe
Some favorite bands:
Beelzebub Airlines, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Embryo, Magma, Gong, Miles Davis, Rush, Soft Machine
Favorite film:
La Montana Sacra (Alejandro Jodorowsky)
Something else:
Keep on breathing.